Building the Digital solutions for the Energy System

We are at that time that we are getting to the point of the digitalization of Energy in a holistic way, not piecemeal, as in the past. This change is going to take a massive mindset shift within the energy industry. We need a dedicated internet of energy that brings energy together in ecosystem designs and platform delivery. It is time to deliver digital into energy solutions.

There are so many pressures to invest fresh capital to replace existing ageing infrastructure, to adapt energy sources increasingly to accommodate renewables, and to build out the resilience within the energy system, adding new storage options and reduce the variabilities and demand fluctuations.  

You can go on and on in need to invest in a very challenging, changing environment for energy. Layering-in digitalization on top just adds to the need for change, we need to fully integrate it as a core necessity. 

Having a greater insight and understanding of the management of energy is going to prove crucial in the future and “going digital” provides the essential energy transformation we need, being connected up. Continue reading “Building the Digital solutions for the Energy System”