Putting Digital into Energy

Today energy needs transforming; it needs to have digital energy solutions fundamentally designed-in.

We are in a new age, the technology age and much needs to be challenged and pushed into the energy systems in significant ways; it needs to transform the way we manage energy.. This is no different from the arrival of the industrial age; it changes society dramatically. One industry that needs a really serious catch-up and becomes better connected is the energy system.

We are dealing with a completely different set of mindsets, skills, procedures, governance, processes and responsibilities. The energy manager has been focused on the physical. The investments in oil rigs, getting coal, oil or gas out of the ground,  in providing the infrastructure, in power generation turbines, in delivering power all are heavy on the physical need and investment returns from these assets.

The massive shift today is less so on getting something out of the ground, it is harnessing wind, solar and water. These are far from asset-light alternatives, but they have a need to be managed very differently. Continue reading “Putting Digital into Energy”