Digitalizing the Energy System, building the why

What is changing within the Energy Transition? So much is underway, we are in the early stages of a very radical redesign. A move away from central fossil fuel dependency into a distributed system having renewables at its heart.

The diversity of fuels as we undertake the transformation needs managing. This management is increasingly coming from the ability to digitize everything. To know in real-time what is happening, in demand generation, in supply, in the distribution of energy requires very different management, it needs the internet of energy.

So when we are adding something new, we have to ask is the pace of digitalization occurring simultaneously, alongside technological innovation, providing solutions that enable the energy system to be transformed?

Digitalization across the energy landscape is determining the system-wide changes of connectivity; it is linking, monitoring, aggregating, and controlling assets to help resolve a fundamental “blurring” between who and what supplies and who consumes energy to provide a greater ‘line-of-sight to energy management for all who need to know.

Having a reliable energy system is one of the enablers for economic growth and social well-being.

We are presently shifting away from a total reliance on an all centralized power system into distributed solutions and flexible options in fuel inputs and their management.

The old paradigm of central grids will undoubtedly continue to provide the energy infrastructure backbone in years to come, it will remain central to keeping the balance within the electricity transmission network.

The changes are occurring more ‘down the line’ in designing distributed systems. There will be significant differences at the local level ( variable inputs and final point of supply) to trade and deliver energy through different grid edge designs and services.

Author: @paul4innovating

A transition advocate for innovation, ecosystems, and digitalization for the energy and IIoT systems

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