The growing areas of digitalization of energy

The application of digital technologies is firstly widely impacting the end-user, today called prosumers.

Today we are seeing increased sensors and use of devices that are optimizing process controls, providing industrial automation, give us smart thermostats, autonomous cars, and trucks, for example.

We see new services on providing greater security and comfort in intelligent street lighting, occupancy, and personal relationships with our buildings. We are beginning to work through the prospects of mobility as a service, remote control, unmanned drones, shipping, and possibly driverless cars, offering the potential for new business models. All of this comes mostly from digitalization being part of the final solutions to connect “it” to us.

Digitalization is about to reshape transportation, and its energy design and consumption need to be redesigned to adapt. The whole smart, digitally-enabled charging devises of electric vehicles where recharging can be more optimized at “off-peak” times Continue reading “The growing areas of digitalization of energy”

Remote Operations

GE Digital’s Remote Operations for Oil & Gas and Chemical Industries meets the criteria for enabling remote and mobile access for a connected workforce regardless of location

In a recent article from Craig Resnick, ARC Advisory Group shown below:

GE Digital introduced its Remote Operations for Oil & Gas and Chemical Industries, a software and appliance solution that provides employees with more secure remote equipment control for essential equipment monitoring and control functions.  GE Digital began offering Remote Operations earlier in 2020 in the Power Generation industry and already has many worldwide industrial customers using the solution

With distant upstream facilities and harsh operating conditions, the Oil & Gas industry faces challenges in providing safe and cost-effective equipment monitoring, maintenance, and emergency response.  At the refinery or plant, the global pandemic and economic pressures are triggering both Oil & Gas and Chemical companies to re-think their strategies regarding contingency operations, worker location flexibility, and on-site staffing. Continue reading “Remote Operations”

The Digitalization of Energy

The promise of digitalization in energy will be transformative

We are on the cusp of a new digital era in energy. Digital technology though has been involved in the energy system for decades.

What is new, is the pace of digitalization occurring through technological innovation, providing solutions that enable the energy system to be transformed? It is not any more islands of data it is moving towards entire energy systems being connected up and driving energy intelligence.

Digitalization across the energy landscape is determining the system-wide changes of connectivity; it is linking, monitoring, aggregating, and controlling assets to cause a fundamental “blurring” between who supplies and who consumes energy. Continue reading “The Digitalization of Energy”