Energy’s data-driven world

The value of digitalization within the Energy Systems will dramatically evolve in the next few years. The more the operating system and each of the assets become connected up through the application of sensors or other smart devices, the value of the automation, software and new solutions and services combine in new value-adding ways.

Collecting data across the system enables four radically different advanced capabilities to evolve. Data becomes the essential thread to build out the future end-to-end foundation of future energy systems.

The four are

1 Data Transparency– to connect up all assets, you suddenly have open access to your data, you become less reliant on others. That increased level of insights gives a completely different dimension to managing the system. In predicting possible failure, in modelling alternative scenarios, in moving towards predictive maintenance

2. Technological Evolvability.- Technology evolves at a constant rate; by building an Energy System on a platform, you do not need to be locked into technology. You can build in flexibility in design by keeping open standards

3. Business Process Adaptability– Business processes are changing, but they will evolve differently with greater insights. The design process can evolve; it can detach itself from the existing constraints of the system as it can experiment, pilot and simulate the data, often in a digital twin so it can initiate physical change in the system by its ability to be opening in a dual world of separation to plan change but also on the actual world of establishing the best optimization.

4. System Customization.- At any point in time, the design of the system is likely to be unique. As a business or assets change and evolve by having the data captured within a digital platform, you can implement and test without impacting the existing, customize for alternatives and well before making the final physical commitment of new plant or assets. Using your data within the existing system, you can explore and exploit alternatives in new designs and options before any actual investment decision or commitments

The power of data of building an energy digital twin enables a radically different energy system.

You become increasingly comfortable in a data-driven world

When you combine data and analytics, you have the opportunity to explore different disruptive models that can potentially change the nature of your competitive position. These are

  1. Achieving data-driven discovery and innovation
  2. The ability for more radical personalization or uniqueness
  3. Build out even more enhanced decision-making opportunities
  4. Provide hyper-scale real-time matching for managing the dynamics and flows with the system
  5. Orthogonal data sets.  An orthogonal model means that all independent variables in that model are uncorrelated, so they can be independently models
  6. Massive data integration.

Those become machine learning possibilities and can eventually have broader cutting edge applicability in many common work activities.

For instance, the outcomes may be in 1) recognizing known patterns, 2) generating natural language, 3) understanding natural language, 4) enhanced sensory perception, and 5) optimizing and planning.

As data ecosystems evolve, the value will accrue for viewing, planning, and integrating the system and giving growing value as analytics and learning grow through human and artificial learning.

Making data run in parallel to your systems today and in the future opens up new business opportunities.

Today many Energy Systems lack real-time data; they are not connecting up all the assets and remain in less than a sub-optimal state, highly reliant on a failure or on established human intervention approaches that only aggregate and generalize performance. Data taken directly from a series of sensors or smart devices calibrated to the asset profile and needs gives real-time or near real-time performance understanding.

Digitalization of your energy assets, designed on a platform, opens up a new age of digitalization of the Energy System to a radical set of new options that provide increased productivity, efficiencies, visibility and simulation that become more future-ready rapidly changing energy mix and its operation. Having your “actual” data and the ability to predict future patterns, designs, demands, and investment options open up the Energy system to considering and investigating new business options and revenue possibilities.

Author: @paul4innovating

A transition advocate for innovation, ecosystems, and digitalization for the energy and IIoT systems

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