I work as a transition advocate for innovation, ecosystems, and the energy system. I relate content to context to give greater knowledge and build the transition narratives we are all undergoing.

I have been investing my time in growing my understanding, expertise, and thinking over “core” topics.

My Innovation intent has been central to this for twenty years, but this has ‘funneled down’ into recognizing the value of ecosystems as the business design for innovation to thrive and deliver more significant value creation. In the past two-plus years, the whole Energy Transition has been my platform to apply my innovation learning and ecosystem thinking. Equally, I believe the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is transforming the way we are managing industry and supports the 4th Industrial Revolution. 

This additional site digital4energy has been created to provide a more focused view on the impact of digitalization within the energy system. It will be the (great) enabler to constructing and layering in a new energy infrastructure where the digital and physical run in parallel and have a high dependence on each other to design and deliver affordable, sustaining power across the entire energy system.

The value for you, so often ‘time-starved’ is you can seek out suggestions, thoughts, and insights around innovation, ecosystem building, or how the energy transition and how the effects of digitalization are having an impact on you by tapping into my depth of knowledge, built on research, experience, and practice. Relating digital and its power to enable the energy transition needs our real attention.

Welcome to digitial4energy– “putting digital into energy”