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If you have a need to relate innovation, ecosystems, and digitalization to industrial and energy transitions then I would love to help solve your issues and reduce your challenges.

Energy Transition needs to be generated in different ways, my positioning:

  • Emphasis the value/impact of innovation within the Energy Transition (as my core). It builds out the potential to change.
  • A consistent focus on being seen as a Business Builder and offer perspectives, opinions, and outlooks
  • My belief that there are different aspects of activism to bring focus to this transformation and it is engaging across all of these avenues
  • The scope, pace, and directions of change need a sense of urgency, and my role is to help accelerate that journey.
  • The broader perspective, putting content into context, giving knowledge and insight leads to making more informed decisions, that’s my positioning.
  • I see myself as the Outsider looking into the Energy World.

This focus translates into value outcome solution based around:

    • The (absolute) needs within the Energy Systems require solutions and change does lie in creating impact, understanding and viable alternatives.
    • The significant potential for new market design, different business models and system operation solutions offers a real business opportunity.
    • The fascination with identifying new enabling technologies and exploring and exploiting these
    • The Energy Transition is one of today’s big challenges in energy, climate, and our planet and needs clarity for potential clients on how it can be leveraged.
    • There is so much societal need for this energy transition, it needs framing and building differently, so it attracts stakeholders to join in. The value of building that communicating positioning with the additional external perspective strengthens the narrative and broader identification.
    • The desire to add more impact, understanding, and awareness to the Energy Transition, to give greater momentum to internal teams provides additional momentum and resolution.

Let’s grow together with the understanding of the transitions we are undertaking