Digitalization gives Energy choices

Digitalization gives choices to all within the Energy System to build out more robust business models. Data changes the conversation

Not only does the digitalization of the energy system provide “data understanding” and the potential for real-time information and insights, but it can also give the building blocks to validating and scenario building required to narrow the gaps between demand and supply.

To achieve this you need “line of sight” and having a fully connected digital energy system can give real-time potential and the ability to improve predictability and the different “switching” opportunities to respond in fat more timely and focused ways. Continue reading “Digitalization gives Energy choices”

Digitalization is a catalyst for energy engagement.

Digitalization can become the catalyst for engagement and connectivity within the energy system.

Its value is to provide safety, productivity, accessibility, reliability, transparency, resilience and offer sustainability and growing confidence that ‘our’ power is readily available 24 x 7.  The digitalization of the energy system provides the background in the new architecture of the energy system that interconnects and drives our energy solutions.

As more and more deployment takes place, providing new connected technology, we see autonomous cars, home systems, and connected smart buildings offered as new end-user solutions. It is the data that is allowing AI and machine learning that are giving us this new form of digital intelligence.

The application of digital technologies is widely impacting end-use.

Today we are seeing increased sensors and use of devices that are optimizing process controls, providing industrial automation, give us smart thermostats, autonomous cars, and trucks, for example.

Digitalization is shaping our industries, our transport systems, and making our buildings more intelligent. Having greater knowledge through data insight makes us smarter to manage what we have.

Digitalization Of Energy 

The goal needs to be that the digital technologies we introduce need to help us become more connected, intelligent, efficient, by having, resilience, reliability, and sustainability built into the energy system we are designing.

Energy systems are changing significantly; we are all becoming plugged into a progressively digitally renewable world. The internet of energy is way overdue to manage the changes in much of our energy transformation to reduce its complexity.

Digital brings us closer in Energy System Understanding

Digitalization brings us closer to the end-user – knowing your grid edge and how to respond makes it that smarter grid for all to benefit in response and greater relationships between users and providers.

The closer in proximity to end-use (homes, business, vehicles) is the grid edge as the hardware (things we can touch and see) such as solar panels, meters, energy storage systems, thermostats, appliances, and building controls. These “things” are being designed to connect and combined with grid edge software that triggers demand and optimization.

We are achieving through software the ability for greater data analytics or planning information that allows for a new form of aggregation. This gives us all a greater engagement in managing our energy consumption and begin to sell surplus electricity through the management of their own personal energy system. Continue reading “Digital brings us closer in Energy System Understanding”

Digitalizing the Energy System, building the why

What is changing within the Energy Transition? So much is underway, we are in the early stages of a very radical redesign. A move away from central fossil fuel dependency into a distributed system having renewables at its heart.

The diversity of fuels as we undertake the transformation needs managing. This management is increasingly coming from the ability to digitize everything. To know in real-time what is happening, in demand generation, in supply, in the distribution of energy requires very different management, it needs the internet of energy. Continue reading “Digitalizing the Energy System, building the why”

You decide. Energy Transformation or Disruption? A tipping point.

The whole energy system is awaking to the significant impact that digital is having on its transition towards a different level of energy management.

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) has been accelerating in its use and recognition of what the digital enterprise is meaning. They recognized that organizations that deploy data and technology are recognizing the advantage of continuously evolving all aspects of their business model in its efficiency, effectiveness and value impacts.

The increased emphasis on digitalization has enabled a different level of connected value. Today, digital momentum is beginning to have the same level of impact in the energy world, we are crossing the digital tipping point. Continue reading “You decide. Energy Transformation or Disruption? A tipping point.”

Putting Digital into Energy

Today energy needs transforming; it needs to have digital energy solutions fundamentally designed-in.

We are in a new age, the technology age and much needs to be challenged and pushed into the energy systems in significant ways; it needs to transform the way we manage energy.. This is no different from the arrival of the industrial age; it changes society dramatically. One industry that needs a really serious catch-up and becomes better connected is the energy system.

We are dealing with a completely different set of mindsets, skills, procedures, governance, processes and responsibilities. The energy manager has been focused on the physical. The investments in oil rigs, getting coal, oil or gas out of the ground,  in providing the infrastructure, in power generation turbines, in delivering power all are heavy on the physical need and investment returns from these assets.

The massive shift today is less so on getting something out of the ground, it is harnessing wind, solar and water. These are far from asset-light alternatives, but they have a need to be managed very differently. Continue reading “Putting Digital into Energy”

Building the Digital solutions for the Energy System

We are at that time that we are getting to the point of the digitalization of Energy in a holistic way, not piecemeal, as in the past. This change is going to take a massive mindset shift within the energy industry. We need a dedicated internet of energy that brings energy together in ecosystem designs and platform delivery. It is time to deliver digital into energy solutions.

There are so many pressures to invest fresh capital to replace existing ageing infrastructure, to adapt energy sources increasingly to accommodate renewables, and to build out the resilience within the energy system, adding new storage options and reduce the variabilities and demand fluctuations.  

You can go on and on in need to invest in a very challenging, changing environment for energy. Layering-in digitalization on top just adds to the need for change, we need to fully integrate it as a core necessity. 

Having a greater insight and understanding of the management of energy is going to prove crucial in the future and “going digital” provides the essential energy transformation we need, being connected up. Continue reading “Building the Digital solutions for the Energy System”